3v3 Tournament – Sunday November 29th – Postponed

A final HOTS DS tournament will be played to immortalize 3 new Champions into the Hall of Champions.

When: Sunday November 29, 2015

Time: 1PM EST which is 10AM PST which is 12PM CST

Format: One Round, 3v3 winner advances, any race choice in lobby including Random

Deadline: the last day to register is Wednesday November 25th. Tournament brackets will be posted on dstourney.com by Friday, November 27th.

Where to Meet: Join the public channel dstourney by typing /join dstourney in chat at the above listed date & time. The first set of matches will start on time. If you are not there, your opponent will have the option to claim victory by default.

How to Register: go to the Forum to signal your intentions to claim victory! Registration is now closed. Only 2 teams registered, which is not enough for a tournament. Postponed to a later date, to be announced.